‘LITTLE STAR’ Baby Scan Package

Early pregnancy/ 1st trimester scan – (from 6weeks – 13 weeks plus 6 days)

This scan may offer reassurance in terms of confirmation of your baby’s heartbeat , location and number of babies

If it is your first scan, please wait at least 2 weeks after your missed period and also a positive pregnancy test is required for this scan.

‘MOON BEAM’ Baby Scan Package

From 16 weeks -27 weeks

We will check the growth of baby, the amniotic fluid and vital structures like the baby’s stomach bladder and presence of the kidneys.
Gender can be confirmed if you would like to know.
Please note ultrasounds cannot guarantee gender 100 percent. We will be doing our best to audit and will publish up to date information on our accuracy.

‘RAY OF SUNSHINE’ Baby Scan Package

From 27 weeks onwards

We will check the growth and position of the baby and give you an estimated weight of the baby. We will measure the amniotic fluid and check vital structures like the baby’s stomach, bladder and presence of the kidneys. We would be able to attempt to see baby in 3d and 4d.

All our sonographers are either HCPC or RCT registered and members of the society of radiographers and British Medical ultrasound society.

With all scans , our priority would be to check the health and well being of the baby and where any unexpected findings are seen you will be referred to primary care.
These scans do not replace your NHS scans.

Gynecology and fertility scans

With the use of 3d imaging we aim to visualise the womb in detail. We will measure your Uterus and lining of your womb (endometrium) and measure your ovaries. We can also provide a this as a baseline before going through the fertility process.