We aim to provide you with the best experience in seeing your baby live in 4d with 3d still images and video capture.
We offer a money back guarantee.

Meet The Team

Our team of Sonographers are aware of the joy and anticipation pregnancy brings as well as being fully qualified and experienced in this field.

Seeta Selvaraj Seeta Selvaraj
Clinical Specialist Sonographer

I have been a Sonographer within the NHS since 2014 to present. My roles also included being one of the screening support Sonographers for East…

Lailani Mamaril Lailani Mamaril
Clinical Specialist Sonographer

Health Professions Council Member no. RA73846 Society or Radiographers Member no. 24033 Professional Qualifications: Radiographer, 2010. Postgraduate Diploma in Medical Ultrasound, 2020. Lailani worked as…

Baby Scan Packages
'LITTLE STAR' Baby Scan Package

Early pregnancy/ 1st trimester scan – (from 6weeks – 13 weeks plus 6 days)

This scan may offer reassurance in terms of confirmation of your baby’s heartbeat , location and number of babies

If it is your first scan, please wait at least 2 weeks after your missed period and also a positive pregnancy test is required for this scan.

'MOON BEAM' Baby Scan Package

From 16 weeks -27 weeks

We will check the growth of baby, the amniotic fluid and vital structures like the baby’s stomach bladder and presence of the kidneys.
Gender can be confirmed if you would like to know.

Please note ultrasounds cannot guarantee gender 100 percent. We will be doing our best to audit and will publish up to date information on our accuracy.

'RAY OF SUNSHINE' Baby Scan Package

From 27 weeks onwards

We will check the growth and position of the baby and give you an estimated weight of the baby. We will measure the amniotic fluid and check vital structures like the baby’s stomach, bladder and presence of the kidneys. We would be able to attempt to see baby in 3d and 4d.